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Determination MX 1.1

Determination MX is used to remove viruses and spyware already on your computer
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Determination MX is used to remove viruses and spyware already on your computer. It scans for online threats, even before they are known to the public. Determination MX deeply scans your computer for viruses and spyware and removes any found if you are dealing with something already. After you clean your computer with Determination MX, you will need to get quality and effective computer security protection like AntiEverything or the complete Patrol Security Suite 2011!

Determination MX helps to remove malware that malicious programs use to take over your computer. It looks in the many places where malicious programs commonly attempt to gain control of your computer and reports what it finds for your review and gives you the ability to take action with suggestions accordingly.

 Many items found will be legitimate, as Determination MX reports everything, but any malicious items will also be found. The scan log can then be posted online for experts to examine or provide you with options to repair.

Determination MX also provides an online database of known software that will help you to determine exactly what is running on your computer, and easy ways to search for more information on the items it finds. This will help you make the best decision whether the item is safe or a security threat!

 If a malicious item is identified, you can remove it in just a few simple clicks!

Main features:
- Effective virus, spyware, and adware remover for your computer.
- Free research of any unrecognized items that are found during a scan.
- Outputs a review log file for self-help posting or analysis by experts.
- Proactive online detection and deletion of security exploits.
- Creates a system restore point before making any changes to your system.
- Determination MX is a powerful and effective security tool! Be careful!

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